Lavender Rain Massage

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Customized Massage: A customized body therapy to fit your specific needs. Light/Medium/Deep pressure. Relaxing/Therapeutic/Detoxifying/Rejuvenating.

30 min: $30  60 min: $60  90 min: $90  120 min: $120

Prenatal Massage: A full body massage that accommodates the health, circulation and well being of expectant mothers. *Not recommended for women in their first trimester.

60 min: $60 

Reflexology/Ultimate Foot Treatment: Massage of specific areas of the foot in order to promote healing and stress relief in other parts of the body. *Hand work can be accommodated in the 60 minute session, if requested.

30 min: $30  60 min: $60


*Introductory Massage Offer:

 $45/60 Minute Massage

 $65/90 Minute Massage